Allerca: The Former Hypoallergenic Pets Creator

Allerca was a company shrouded in controversy over its claims to have developed hypoallergenic cats. The company ceased doing business on the Allerca domain in 2015. This site details information about their past business and the claims that were made.

ALLERCA Lifestyle Pets did not claim 100% success for the hypoallergenic cats, as there were still a number of minor variables and each individual is different; however, it claims to have had a 96% success rate among clients who are extremely allergic to cats. All of our cats were provided with a 30 day return policy allowing you to live with one of our pets and ensure your are compatible with each other (in addition to a 12 month guarantee).

The company stated: "There are NO other types of scientifically proven hypoallergenic cats, regardless of claims made by certain breeders (not even the hairless breeds - see section below "BEWARE: THE TRUTH ABOUT HYPOALLERGENIC BREEDS"). Many of our clients have tried these other "so-called" hypoallergenic cat breeds and have seriously reacted, sometimes resulting in hospital treatment. These same people had no reaction to our cats and 5% come back to purchase a second hypoallergenic pet."

A report by ABC news in July 2013 confirmed that the cats sold by Lifestyle Pets (Allerca) are no more hypoallergenic than any other cat.

Watch the report:

The Pet Industry Moves Ahead

The pet industry in America contributes about $70 billion annually to GDP. With about 20% of that being attributed to pet supplies and medicines, according to the APPA. There is a new emerging industry that is going to push that 20% up to 25% in the next few years - cannabis for pets. Research into treating pet aliments with medical marijuana in a similar matter to the way adults are treated is rapidly getting attention and support. Two weed companies that are promoting research into this phenomenon are Hytiva of Las Vegas and the popular cannabis online mag Merry Jane.

As the industry matures expect to see countless business opportunities for entrepreneurs with experience in animal care.