What Allerca Said About Their Development Process

The LIFESTYLE PETS research and development team placed the company in a unique position to offer the world's first scientifically-proven hypoallergenic cat. Our company's founder is the developer of ground breaking veterinary molecular diagnostics technologies with a keen focus on animal genetics.

Beware of "so-called" hypoallergenic cat breeds, such as Siberians, Russian Blues or hairless cats (we love these hairless cats but they are probably the worst cat for people with allergies because you come into direct contact with the cat's skin and the allergens).

We have seen all sorts of claims made, and plenty of these breeders continue to make false representations that their pets have "hypoallergenic fur" (if you have read through our development process above you will understand how absurd such claims are).

NONE of these cat breeds are truly hypoallergenic and you are very liable to react to these animals with serious consequences. Even if you do not react immediately, a reaction WILL occur as allergens from these cats builds up in your home environment over time.

In our years providing hypoallergenic cats we have spoken to many people who have unsuccessfully tried these "so-called" hypoallergenic breeds, people who have then become clients and owners of our own kittens.